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How to find suitable acupuncture points for type2 diabetes (5/2013)

Hi K K Mishra!Can you explain about horizontal biji? I use vertical, but I can&#39t find explanation about horizontal.Thank you!

How to find suitable acupuncture points for type2 diabetes (5/2013)

In my practice I use this type of DD for DM.DM can be in 3 symptom forms.1. Thirst, patient drink a lot of water - this type is upper burner dissorder.2. Hunger, patient eats a lot and all time -...

Thyroid (4/2013)

I have good experience with treating hypo hyper by shao yinhypo: ht9 stim, cv23 disp. And to connect it to lu7 when using ren or pc6 when using yin Wei.Hyper: h7 disp, with cv23 disp. And to connect it to...

Optimal needle size for auricular acupuncture (3/2013)

30 mm needles I use for ting points. Less painfull.

Help with symptoms are accupuncture (2/2013)

Hi!Iam acupuncturist myself and once were recieved a treatment of pc chanel. I had a bad reaction for this treatment with palpitations, little bit of anxiety and weakness. As I know part of CTS tretment is pc chanel. May be...

Extra points (11/2012)

Thank you very much for advising.Anyone want to sell an used book less then 89 bucks?

Very healthy 34 yr old woman Sweaty Palms (8/2012)

HT is producing a sweat, but Tai Yin is managing a sweating process.Structure of pore is round smooth muscle - SP, exit of sweat throu the skin - LuPalm is Lu territory.If this patient were sweating everywhere (all body) -...

Very healthy 34 yr old woman Sweaty Palms (8/2012)

My opinion is:1. Sweaty palms is Lu. Firstly palm is lung area. Secondly, sweat is partly lung function.2. Hot food - is ST and SP chronic deficiency in Yang pattern. She entering fire and yang into the St. By the...

Parotitis (3/2012)

Hi! I used stimulation of earth and tree elements and TW meridian. My explain,1. Salivary is dump + swelling of gland - earth2. On the diagnostic it was a swelling of the opening of parotid duct - earth.3. From diagnosis...

Atopic dermatitis (8/2011)

HiOne of doctors in our hospital have AD for 4 years that mostly placed on elbows. I made acupressure and light magnets weakly on SP6 + SP9, LI 11, Lu 5 + Lu7 +Lu 9.After first session its goes smaller...

Diagnosis by moxa (1/2011)

thanks for quick answer.I think that exactly what I askedI remember that it was diagnosing meredian for deficiency / excess by warming first or last point of meridian and counting second for reaction of patient. If patient reacts too early...

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