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"rclere". They are associated with the Washington Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine Association. They joined us in 2021.

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Acupuncture point(s) for improving capillary microcirculation (8/2012)

Mimic what someone else has done??? Oriental Medicine is not a cook book that can be applied to situations.... What is the etiology of the the deficiency or stagnation? Better to find your own solutions by using the parameters set...

Unqualified accupuncture practiced on a child (2/2012)

Put on on your "tiger game" and protect those children and do what it takes! GOOD ON YOU!

Unqualified accupuncture practiced on a child (2/2012)

This is abuse, plain and simple... I would get your son away from this man... I echo what Chad has stated above. You would be wise to look deeper into this issue and what it represents to you and your...

Self-Acupuncture (12/2011)

Very eloquently stated Chad. I started my journey into Oriental Medicine in 1969, when I first started taking martial arts as a young boy... Through that tradition, I had many Chinese teachers who also practiced "the Medicine" as well. This...

Self-Acupuncture (12/2011)

Regardless, Richard Tan or whoever... Taking up the needle is not something to be taken lightly... It has more to do with intent than anything. Even Tan&#39s system is based on some of the Classics. If you are bound and...

Self-Acupuncture (12/2011)

As Chad said, if you do not have proper training, you do not treat yourself. Acupuncture applied with out proper understanding of the classics and theory generally has lackluster results. In saying this, if you do have proper training, treat...

Scalp acupuncture for stroke (12/2011)

If there is an issue on the left, needle right scalp lines, etc. it is important to "run" the needle under the scalp painlessly and then use strong stimulation. Dr. Zhu also suggested doing qi gong while needling. as with...

Scalp acupuncture for stroke (12/2011)

I would check out Dr. Zhu... I studied with him 20 years ago, and he is really an expert in this field. yes, it does matter which side you needle.... also, while providing strong stimulation, it is very useful to...

Self treatment? (11/2011)

I teach my patients how to do direct moxa.... this is the best... if and when they follow through and do this, they get significant results, and this teaches them responsibility for their health.

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