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"Ram Kumar" is an acupuncturist from India. They joined us in 2021.

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Ebola (11/2014)

Thank you Dr...

Joint stiffness after femur fracture (10/2014)

Thank you Dr, I suspected spleen dampness, since she had edema, abdominal bloating, limb weakness.. I started treatment with sp 9, liv 8, sp 6.. Now she is free from edema and other symptoms, except for the stiffness.. So I...

Liver deficiency (10/2014)

Thank you doctor

Characteristics of element points (10/2014)

Thank you very much Dr.. still a long way for me to go in acupuncture. Hope I can understand much better when I start clinical practice..

Characteristics of element points (10/2014)

Thanks for your prompt reply Dr... I asked about the physical properties of the point. eg. when you treat fire point, u disperse or reinforce HEAT., DAMPNESS for water points. what physical properties can be compared with METAL, WOOD, &...

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