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Height Increase by acupuncture (12/2021)

Is there any colleague who have studied any scientific article about height increase (before 23) by acupuncture methods and/or experienced in this respect ? I will appreciate if you share your knowledge in this forum.

Weight gain according to chinese medicine (12/2021)

Is there anyone who has experienced in weight gain according to chinese medicine and acupuncture protocols ? I'll appreciate if you share your experience in this forum.

Tinnitus protocol (12/2021)

One of my patients (50 yrs old woman) suffers from unilateral tinnitus (with a little hearing difficulty). It's chronic but constant ringing not eliminated by pressing the ear. Tongue and pulse is normal. I've begaun excess pattern treatment using SJ17+SJ2+SJ3+GB2+GB43...

Quantity of treatment sesscions (12/2021)

Have you studied a textbook to mention standard necessary qty (approx.)of acupuncture treatment sessions for acupuncture-effective conditions such as bi syndromes, spondilopathy, sciatica, depression, lumbar pain, knee joint pain. This is contraversial among acupuncturists, and a clear guideline can help...

Localization of back-shu points (12/2021)

As the back shu points are among very important acupoints, but their precise localization is sometimes difficult. Are there any suggestions to precisely and practically locate BL back-shu points ? (For example, using iliac crest to locate BL23)

Facial Rejuvenation (12/2021)

Is there any acupuncturist colleague who has more experience in facial rejuvenation and wrinkle-reduction cases to share his/her experience to the forum. I've used ST points on the face and LU9 every other day with relatively good results.

Weight lose case with an unfair result (12/2021)

Dear Acupuncturist colleagues,I have a patient referred to me for weight reduction. However I had some similar patients with good result, but she has a little weight gain 4 sessions after his first treatment. I had better mention her diff...

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Weight gain according to chinese medicine (5/2009)

Dear Chad, I mean inducing weight gain in lean-structured persons (no history of previous disease and/or no involvement of thyroid dysfunction).Mehdi Hashemi MD, AP

Weight lose case with an unfair result (3/2009)

Chad,Your explanation is logical and useful enough. Thank you.

Localization of back-shu points (3/2009)

Sometimes it is really impossible to precisely locate your mentioned anatomical landmarks (and even counting vertebrae). Other localization abilities and experiences related to BL back-shu points would be highly welcomed.

Weight lose case with an unfair result (3/2009)

Dear Chad,How much weight loss/percentage of total weight (approx.) as well as reduced appetite do we expect to get after correct treatments (1month-3month after beginning) ?How do you also use auricular therapy for weight loss ? Thanks & Regards,Mehdi Hashemi

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