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Patient with Breast Cancer (12/2021)

Hi All, I have today discovered that a close friend of mine has been diagnosed with Breast cancer, the involvement of surrounding tissue is still awaiting biopsy. She called me and asked if I could help as a TCM practitioner;...

Periperal Neuropathy patient (12/2021)

I have been treating a man aged 69 who was diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy, I have already mentioned him on the forum and I have had some good advice to date. I have now reached 10 treatments and I don't...

Peripheral Neuropathy (12/2021)

Hi, I have today treated a gentleman, who was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. A pain in the right buttock travelling down the right leg predominantly, but also mildly on the left, the pain travels to the foot and the foot...

Cluster headaches (12/2021)

Hi, has anybody had success treating cluster headaches with acupuncture or herbs. I am a UK practitioner. I would appreciate any help here.Many thanks Andy Colombini

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