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"Tabindeh" They joined us in 2021.

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Looking for Biyan ( arm eye extra point) (12/2021)

I can’t seem to find Biyan ( arm eye extra point) any where on the internet. Can you tell me where exactly it is located? Thanks

Photophobia and acupuncture (12/2021)

I believe that acupuncture can help treat photo phobia. Can it also work on a patient with albinism

Nystagmus, albinism and acupressure (12/2021)

Hi, I have a 4.1/2 month old daughter who was diagnosed with Nystagmus, a month ago. The PO also said she looks ‘mildly albino’ no confirmed diagnosis yet. I am takiMy her to an acupuncture specialist who is treating her...

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Looking for Biyan ( arm eye extra point) (11/2015)

Thanks soo much!!! I’ve been searching online for this point but couldn’t find it.

Photophobia and acupuncture (3/2015)

We are using light therapy, magnet therapy and laser acupuncture. Nystagmus is 80% improved. What approach do you suggest?

Nystagmus, albinism and acupressure (2/2015)

Well atleast the Nystagmus has slowed down quite a bit in just one month of treatment. I’m hoping and praying that the PO was wrong about the albinism. I think her case is mild, coz no one believes me when...

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