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Our Growth Hormone (12/2021)

Greetings!!! Can acupuncture promote and increase our growth hormone, even if in late ages? If yes, can you give me some points to trigger the releasing of growth hormone. Thank you so much, sir Chad.. More Power. Rodney,

Asking Info About Weight Loss (12/2021)

Warm Greetings Dr.Chad...!!!! You've post recently that acupuncture is effective in weight loss, can i ask some acupuncture points regarding to weight loss. I practise needling weight loss in ST25, near CV10 and near CV6 but i think it is...

Thank you YinYangHouse (12/2021)

Thank you YYH staff, your comments and additional idea really useful.. My patient has now fully recovered. Thank you. Rodney

Pancreas of the PIG (12/2021)

Greetings YYT staff! I have read a book about acupuncture, in treating Diabetes, it recommends to eat a pancreas of a pig. have you try this? do you agree with this? Thank you...

Re: allergy or not allergy (12/2021)

Greetings YYH Staff, I have a patient, whos suffering from an allergy from his left face, there is a red spots on his left face, and he feels like his face is crumpled. This 60 year old man have a...

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Pancreas of the PIG (1/2010)

Based from my father's acupuncture experience, all of his patient having diabetes, recommend him to eat a pancreas of a pig, and it all have a good and effective results. They are now enjoying their normal conditions and maintain their...

Thank you YinYangHouse (1/2010)

yes sir, i am referring to the allergy or not allergy topic. Thank you so much

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