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"Elineki" They joined us in 2021.

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Diplopia case; what to do? Any suggestions (12/2021)

Diplopia case: My husband came back from work (army) this weekend with complaints of diplopia. First he suffered some pain in and aroud his (left) eye, eyebrow and head, then after a few days he started seeing double when using...

Overly sensitive nervous system (12/2021)

I'm treating a female patient (41) for whiplash problems. However, her nerves ( or nervous system) is severely oversensitive ( over activated) to any touching, leave alone needles. I do treat her very carefully with the smallest needles possible (...

ALS disease (12/2021)

Dear all, Could Acupunucture or any other TCM treatment be beneficial for ALS disease? Kind regards, Eline

Treating a child for constipation (12/2021)

I am a fully trained, but only recently graduated/ licensed acupuncturist. I have now been asked by a friend to treat her little girl who's only two years old for severe constipation. She's been treated by western doctors ( hospital)...

Stroke related fatique (12/2021)

I am currently searching for information regarding (post) stroke related fatique and Chinese acupuncture treatment in these for my dissertation. Does anyone have any suggestions for research? Thank you so much if you could help! Eline

St 36 during pregnancy (12/2021)

I' m confused about whether to use ST 36 or not during pregnancy. Some say its dangerous. The same goes for SP4, ( so they say) but since its for the chongmai i'm a bit surprised about that one. What...

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Diplopia case; what to do? Any suggestions (7/2015)

Thank you Chad! tried the pointes yesterday, during treatment (along with other points). No result as yet. But it may take longer to get some results probably! No Ashi points found by the way, but GB 14/GB1B2 area is vey...

Diplopia case; what to do? Any suggestions (7/2015)

Thank you, Stephen. I’m indeed working on the Liver Blood xu, and locally. No result as yet… I am curious about the scalp area’s though?

Overly sensitive nervous system (6/2014)

Thank you! I tried Balance method and with positive result, however for only a short period of time. I know bloodletting works wel for letting the yang energy out in case of whiplash. Did&#39nt dare to do it yet. you...

Treating a child for constipation (4/2013)

Thank you all for your kind advice! Big help!i just read in the Julian Scott book ( ) that M-UE-9 should do the trick ( in all cases of constipation) in children under 4 years old of age.... Did I...

Treating a child for constipation (4/2013)

Thank you for your reassurance!Eline

Stroke related fatique (8/2012)

thank you so much!let&#39s help spread the word about the effectiveness in the treatment of strokes!

Regarding milk alternatives (4/2012)

What about cheese? avoid all together too? Even goats/sheep?Regards, Eline

Regarding milk alternatives (4/2012)

Thank you!

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