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Hand Tremors (12/2021)

63 year old male with sudden onset of right hand tremor. Extremely spastic, intermittent, but comes on every few minutes. No numbness, no tingling, no pain. Was tested by GP who thought it might be a pinched nerve. Also was...

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Lyme disease (11/2010)

People with Lyme display FEVER like symptoms, and viral heat symptoms... therefore, CLEAR HEAT, and often drain damp. Opening the shaoyang is a good idea: sj5 + gb41. Also, liver5, or other liver ch points are helpful such as Liv13...

Hand Tremors (6/2010)

Of course it will depend upon the patient himself, but roughly how long would you continue this protocol before expecting to see results?

Hand Tremors (6/2010)

thanks a lot! if you have any herbal suggestions, that would be good to hear too.

Hand Tremors (6/2010)

These are definitely not points I had thought of- and the use of tui na on some sounds like a great idea. I really appreciate it, as I was looking for some alternative type points. I will let you know...

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