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"Johanna-K" They joined us in 2021.

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Smell of Burnt (12/2021)

Hello, I have a patient that tells me he smells burnt for the past 6 months. I cannot smell it on him, he smells it inside his sinuses. Here is some more background information: Has been living for 10 years...

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Smell of Burnt (10/2011)

Thank you Chad. I will take all your advise into consideration. I really appreciate the feedback!

Smell of Burnt (10/2011)

By the way, the smell he has is close to "tobacco" or "insence".He has been smoking tobacco for 1 year and just stopped and because of this noticed that the smell of burnt in his sinus area was there despite...

Smell of Burnt (10/2011)

Chad,thank you very much for this answer.I will go ahead and treat him according to your suggestions. I am very grateful for your input. I will then see if the burnt smell is still reported. The patient does not want...

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