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"jiffy88" They joined us in 2021.

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Advice Needed - Tongue Photo Attached (12/2021)

Hi, I'm 28 years male and have the conditions listed. My two main concerns are my loose stools and erecticle dysfunction. My loose stools have been an issue for a long time since I was a kid. I did not...

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Advice Needed - Tongue Photo Attached (10/2012)

Hey Chad,A few questions I would like to ask:Is it fine to have all these 3 medicines you prescribed together? Would there be any reaction to it?My hair is thinning out. Is it due to the issues I have with...

Advice Needed - Tongue Photo Attached (9/2012)

Thanks for looking into this, Chad! I visited a few TCM herbalists and acupuncture specialists before, and they claimed my kidney is the source of the issue (not questioning your diagnosis). I was never properly cured of my issues, and...

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