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Shen points --------- (12/2021)

hello i wanted to ask a question about acupancture points involving the shen - which acupancture points effect the shen and are there points that strengths the connections between the kidney and the shen and a point that replanishes the...

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Shen points --------- (3/2016)

i thank you both for your replaies you helped me alot

Shen points --------- (3/2016)

as i understand ‘long yan rou’ is good for excessive thought’s so it means that it takes the blood of the heart and spleen and shen to the brain what makes it efficent for shen definecy no? technacly if i...

Shen points --------- (3/2016)

if it is because of an injury? like an accident that inflicts great damage so causes many brouses to the brain?

Shen points --------- (3/2016)

and is there a point you know of the replanishes the shen?

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