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View Brain Tumour
published by archived-user, 10-23-2013

Submitted By: panzerHI, I have a client with a stage 4 brain tumour. He is just starting one month of radiation therapy.He is uncertain whether acupuncture is advisable during the treatment. I would like to treat him and wondered if you had any advice on this or knew of any articles on this. He is…

View Cervical Dystonia
published by Eric_Schmidt, 03-03-2013

Has anyone had good treatment success with a western condition called "Cervical Dystonia"? This particular case presents similar to Trigeminal Neuralgia with an added symptom of facial and tongue spasms - especially worse at night (with fatigue or under stress). The jaw tends to pull to the right s…

View Hesitance on neck points
published by I_Danne, 11-18-2011

When I use acupressure at home for neck & face pressure and ache, I seem to find relief with ST 11, ST 12 and LI 17. So, why is it acupuncturists (three of them anyway) will ignore my requests to tx them? GB 2 is somewhat effective. I am too shy to ask them myself.

Is anyone know about how to stop saliva secretion which cerebral palsy children have to much. This is really big problem for child, family and therapist. If someone know how to stop with acupuncture i ll use for my students. Thanks from now.

Hi I have this so called IBS, here you seem to call it "nervous" stomach. Whatever =) My question is: is there some active point that I could use to immediately relieve symptoms? I'm not interested in overall treatement - that obviously requires a practioner and I'm seeing some, but meanwhile I ne…

Submitted By: smilepolice01Hi i have a problem about too much sweating even is not to hot especially in my hands and feet. Is there cure for excessive sweating?

View Liver Cirrhosis
published by valtiti, 01-28-2009

Thanks for the good work you people are doing. More greese to your elbow. Please can I know Acupuncture treatment protocol for Liver Cirrhosis. Thanks again for everything.

View Blood Pressure
published by jmello, 03-04-2007

How does acupuncture help lower BP? And can it help to permanently lower BP? Also, I was told that HT 8 is not often used because it is very powerful. What can you tell me about heart 8 point? Thank You

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