TCM Acupuncture Theory - Xi Cleft Points

Acupuncture Points Theory

Traditional Chinese Medicine utilizies a number of theories which group acupuncture points together based on their functions and/or other relationships. Many of these theories are important in a clinical setting and are used, along with other theory and diagnostic information, to decide which acupuncture points will be used for a given condition.

Below you find information regarding the xi cleft points. See our Acupuncture Point Categories section for a complete list of point categories.

For complete information about a single point, click on it within the chart.

Xi Cleft Points Theory and Applications
  • The Xi Cleft points, also called the accumulation points, are where the Qi and Blood of a meridian pool. They are primarily at or near the joints of the body.
  • In treatment they are used primarily for acute conditions, especially pain, that involve their related organs/channels.
  • LU 6 - acute asthma, wind heat
  • LI 7 - sore throat, face pain/swelling
  • SP 8 - blood stagnation in the uterus a/or lower abdomen
  • ST 34 - breast issues, epigastric pain
  • HT 6 - heart pain, reckless bleeding due to heat
  • SI 6 - severe pain along the SI channel
  • KD 5 - menstrual problems due to deficiency a/or blood stagnation
  • UB 63 - acute cystitis
  • PC 4 - severe chest pain, reckless bleeding due to heat
  • TH 7 - not used often clinically
  • LV 6 - acute cystitis, blood stagnation in the uterus a/or lower abdomen
  • GB 36 - painful obstruction a/or atrophy of the lower limbs
  • UB 59 - yang qiao mai, not used often clinically
  • KD 8 - yin qiao mai, menstrual irregularities
  • KD 9 - yin wei mai, severe and acute mental disorders
  • GB 35 - yang wei mai, not used often clinically

Xi Cleft Points Chart
Lung LU 6 Urinary Bladder UB 63 Yin Qiao Vessel KD 8
Large Intestine LI 7 Kidney KD 5 Yang Qiao Vessel UB 59
Stomach ST 34 Pericardium PC 4 Yin Wei Vessel KD 9
Spleen SP 8 Triple Heater TH 7 Yang Wei Vessel GB 35
Heart HT 6 Gall Bladder GB 36
Small Intestine SI 6 Liver LV 6

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