Acid Reflux Disease (Gerd)

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Thank you ,for the acceptance! I would like to ask for your help … Do you have a protocol for gastroisofagial reflux ? thank you for your help!

Hi, My 2year daughter has dry cough especially during sleep. What is ACU point for cough syrup? Please help .

I usually take protonix. I wasn’t taking it for a while and had to get back on it. Whew. IDK what was going on with the stomach. My stomach makes me want to vomit sometimes and it also effects me mentally in a negative way. Making my anxiety and things worse. Would this be in TCM terms a stomach “f…

Hi I have a microcurrent machine for horses but can use it on people…how do I treat someone with acid reflux with these ting/jing points? where do I put the electrode for best results…thanks

Hi I am from India. I am suffering from Acid Reflux and heart burn for the past 6yrs. I am willing to take treatment through TCM method. I am willing to purchase the chinese herbal medicines that can treat my problem. Please reply me how do I do that regards, Metilda Raju

What herb is use to cure such ailment

What are the best acupuncture points for someone who has back flow of digestive qi. Silent one, without pain of G.E.R.D. but with acid fumes and bile silently rising up, creating chronic low level throat/nose inflamation and a really sour/bitter taste in the mouth, specially in the morning. Also,…

Male 35years old. Employed. Main complain: abdominal pain due to gastritis&acid reflux. Duration of the pain has been about 6months. pain comes when hungry & after eating. pain is usually around St25 area (left side more). Constant pain, irritating. taking meds from doctor for acid bloc…

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