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Constipation Is Referenced In 3 Forum Posts

Hi Chad, I recently discovered your website and I am really happy to have found it. It is a treasure cove with full of health advice and tips. I really appreciate your work and it is simply superb. I will come to the real question or issue that I am facing for the last 5 years. I am suffering from …

What is Constipation? Why it's affecting Peoples? How to solve this Problem in Easy Method? Is it possible to Solve this Problem in Single Accupuncture Point then Which Point we have to use?

I am a fully trained, but only recently graduated/ licensed acupuncturist. I have now been asked by a friend to treat her little girl who's only two years old for severe constipation. She's been treated by western doctors ( hospital) but they cannot do any more for her than to describe more laxati…

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