Dysmenorrhea (Menstrual Pain - Cramps)

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My 13-year old daughter suffers from very intense and very painful menstruation cycles. On the first day of her cycle she usually ends up in a fetal position in tears and in a great deal of pain. Unfortunately, the only relief my wife and I have come up with is mass quantities of ibuprofen which …

Hi everyone. I’m a long time acupuncture-enthusiast and I’m becoming interested in herbs. The problem is I have no idea where to start - I’m overwhelmed by all my research. I developed all of these illnesses in the same year so I have a strong feeling that they’re related but I’m having trouble pie…

I apologize in advance if this particular question has been asked before, I did not see anything on the board. So, I am about 10 hours into the first day of my period and I am having very, very intense cramps (feels like my uterus is tearing out of me), urgent and frequent bowel movements, period w…

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