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Hemorrhoids Is Referenced In 5 Forum Posts

Hi dear admin. Your team is working so well on this forum. Can you please elaborate, what is main point to get rid of liver qi stagnation. Liv3 is not working well for that. So what else can be used for that considering it master point for liv qi stagnation       

Greetings dear.  Two questions One is, which points are helpful in getting rid of nasal dust allergy (sneezing). Second is, if a person having burning near anus especially when he sits. what does it reflect?

Can anyone has any good reports as to how to resolve this?

Do you have any accu points to get rid of it or even shrink it in size?

I’ve been dealing with pain/discomfort in general groin area for a few months. Was diagnosed with internal hemorrhoids. I have greatly improved…I’ve used stuff from my Dr. acupuncture/pressure, rife frequencies…basically anything I could find. I’ve had some digestion issues trying to increase fiber…

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