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Hernia Is Associated With 4 TCM Herbs

Regulates the Qi and stops pain - abdominal and epigastric pain due to liver qi stagnation, PMS pain, post-partum pain due to qi and blood stagnation. Disperses cold and stagnation - hernia and testicular pain due to cold in the liver channel.

Reduces and moves food stagnation outward - accumulation of meat and/or greasy foods with distention, pain, diarrhea. Transforms blood stasis, dissipates clumps - post-partum abdominal pain, hernial disorder. Stops diarrhea (when partially charred). Hypertension.

Warms the middle, disperses cold, relieves constraint in the liver channel and alleviates pain - headaches, nausea, cold hernia in the liver channel region. Redirects stomach Qi downwards - due to liver and/or stomach disharmony. Warms the spleen and expels damp cold, stops diarrhea. Leads fire …

Invigorate blood, alleviate pain - pain from blood stasis and trauma, dysmenorrhea. Promotes movement of Qi and alleviates pain - chest pain, abdominal pain, menstrual pain, hernial disorders, epigastric pain.

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