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Acupuncture is often used at varying stages of pregnancy and the birthing process.  Commonly treated conditions include morning sickness, back pain, breech position and aiding with labor itself (among many others). There are a number of studies that have established the effectiveness of acupunctur…

While somewhat less common in the US as it is in other countries where Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture are more tightly integrated with Western Medicine, acupuncture is very often used to promote labor.  In the US we tend to perform treatment outside of a hospital setting which requires the use of "…

Researchers at the Department of Women's and Children's Health within the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm recently looked at reducing labor pain in women with acupressure.  The study randomly divided 71 women into 3 groups - an acupressure group, a light touch group, and a standard medical car…

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