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Sinusitis Is Referenced In 4 Forum Posts

I have done a lot of research over the past few weeks for myself and issues that I have so that I may treat them with herbalism in TCM. I am having difficulty with research that I wish to do for my mother who suffers chronic back-to-back sinus infections almost all year. My question is; What patter…

Hi, I have suffering from chronic Sinusitis. Mornings and Evenings are particularly bad. Allopathy has recommended Surgery but I have gone down the route of Allergy testing ( apparently I am allergic to 40+ different foods) and also have air Bourne allergies. I am starting with Immunisation + Neutr…

I’m an acupuncturist.I accidentally got pepper sprayed in the eyes and face.Any acupuncture pts you can think of in an emergency situation such as this?

I am interested in buying Chinese Herbs for my condition. I have not used them before, so have no idea which is what? I have tried the Chinese Herb list, but I cant find an answer either. Any ideas please?

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