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"Tendinitis" Issue / Symptom Connections

Below you will find various relationships to, and potential clinical treatment approaches for tendinitis.

It is critical to appreciate that in Chinese Medicine, treatment for "tendinitis" is rarely focused on the symptoms exclusively. Alternatively, a practitioner is looking at the factors that led to the development of "tendinitis" - i.e. the "cause(s)".

For non-practitioners, we recommend reading treating the "cause" and not the "symptoms" for more on the overall approach and the importance of the TCM diagnostic system in formulating treatment approaches.

Some acupuncture points are considered "empirically" related to a specific condition or diagnostic pattern. While this would rarely, if ever, dictate the entire composition of a treatment, the following points should be considered, possibly even more so within the context of acupressure:

  • View LI 7 (Warm Dwelling)

        5 cun above the crease of the wrist (LI 5).

        Xi Cleft Point useful for pain due to stagnation along the meridian in the shoulders, elbows and wrist. Classically noted with LI 5 for "seeing ghosts," may be useful in manic conditions.  
  • View LI 12 (Elbow Bone Hole)

        With the elbow flexed, on the radial side of the upper arm 1 cun above LI 11 at the border of the humerus (1 cun supero…

        Local point for pain in the elbow and/or upper arm, tennis elbow.  
  • View LU 5 (Cubit Marsh)

        At the cubital crease on the radial side of the biceps brachii tendon.

        He Sea Point - useful for counterflow Qi/diarrhea, hot skin conditions, phlegm-heat excess. Acute/Chronic or Exterior/Interior Conditions. Upper body edema, enuresis. Local point for the elbow - tendonitis, tennis elbow. Classically no…

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