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Hi Chad, I seem to be able to find research on Shu Gan Liang Xue, but have difficulty finding the formula breakdown and herbal dosages. Can you guide me please? Thanks, Natalie Related Post @ Study Finds Shu Gan Liang Xue Herbal Formula Has Breast Cancer Anti Tumor Effect - Herbal Medicine - Resear…

Hello, I am a TCM practitioner located in Israel. I cannot order formulas directly from the site, but only from a local TCM pharmacy here in Israel. Therefore, I wanted to know if it is possible to obtain the proportions of herbs in the formula Shu Gan Wan so that I can order it locally. Thank you…

Hi, I’ve just suffered a second miscarriage this year. The first was at 6.5 weeks (looked like baby never grew or implanted right). But this time my numbers (HCG and progesterone) looked great and we had seen the baby’s heartbeat at 6 weeks and everything looked fine… but just before 9 weeks I star…

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