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Study Finds Shu Gan Liang Xue Herbal Formula Has Breast Cancer Anti Tumor Effect - discussion (2020-07-24 06:02:21am)- where can I find decoction/granule dosages?

published: 07-25-2020

Hi Chad, I seem to be able to find research on Shu Gan Liang Xue, but have difficulty finding the formula breakdown and…

shu gan wan formula

published: 05-27-2020

Hello, I am a TCM practitioner located in Israel. I cannot order formulas directly from the site, but only from a local…

Two miscarriages in a row and advanced age, very discouraged

published: 06-27-2017

Hi, I’ve just suffered a second miscarriage this year. The first was at 6.5 weeks (looked like baby never grew or impla…

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