Herbs That Cool The Blood

TCM Materia Medica

Herbs That Cool The Blood - Herbal Functional Grouping (9 herbs)

Herbs That Cool The Blood General Introduction
  • Patterns of heat in the blood from febrile disease entering the blood level – blood moves recklessly and causes rashes, nosebleed, vomiting, spitting, or coughing of blood, blood in stool or urine
  • Also treats ying level of a febrile disease – night fevers, delirium, deep scarlet tongue
Herbs That Cool The Blood Section Summary / Study Notes
  • Xi Jiao is most effective in clearing fire from heart and cooling the blood – for high fever and delirium, coma, and convulsions, bleeding due to heat at yin or blood level of disease. Use Shui Niu Jiao as a substitute
  • Sheng Di Huang and Xuan Shen – cool blood and nourish the yin and generate fluid; sheng di huang is more effective in cases involving the reckless movement of hot blood, while xuan shen is used in cases involving heat toxin, such as throat pain and scrofula
  • Yin Chai Hu – cools blood; very effective in reducing symptoms of heat from deficiency associated with steaming bone disorder; fever associated with chronic nutritional impairment
  • Di Gu Pi – cools blood and clears heat from ying level in warm-febrile diseases; used to treat steaming bone disorder that presents with sweating; effective in draining upward-flaring fire
  • Mu Dan Pi – cools blood; steaming bone disorder without sweating; drains upward flaring fire
  • Bai Wei – cools blood and treats blood-deficient type steaming bone disorder; nourishes yin

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