Herbs That Release The Exterior Wind Cold

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Herbs That Release The Exterior Wind Cold - Herbal Functional Grouping (13 herbs)

Herbs That Release The Exterior Wind Cold General Introduction
  • Many are acrid and warm
  • Used when fever is mild, chill severe, headache, body & neck pain, no thirst
  • Focus is on the superficial layer of the body and lung
  • Precautions:
  • Do not overdose herbs that promote sweating – disperses qi too much and consumes yin
  • Caution in bleeding conditions or pregnancy – too moving
Herbs That Release The Exterior Wind Cold Section Summary / Study Notes
  • Bai Zhi best for pain in forehead, eyebrows, teeth, gums; also for swelling, pus, vaginal discharge.
  • Cong Bai releases the exterior in the very early stages of wind-cold, may be used topically for abscesses and sores.
  • Fang Feng – releases exterior, useful for bi-syndromes, particularly wind-type.
  • Gao Ben – expels wind-cold, headaches, particularly vertex.
  • Gui Zhi – releases muscle layer of exterior, useful for wind/cold/damp bi-syndromes in the joints, limbs, and shoulders.
  • Jing Jie – releases exterior, useful for carbuncles or boils in initial stages, stops bleeding.
  • Ma Huang – releases exterior, induces sweating, disperse lung qi, promotes urination.
  • Qiang Huo – releases exterior, best with damp related body/joint pain and/or occipital headache, guiding herb for the governing vessel.
  • Sheng Jiang – release exterior, disperses cold, warms middle jiao, warms lung, reduces toxicity of other herbs.
  • Xi Xin – releases exterior, used most often with head and body aches in wind-cold, particularly with dampness or underlying KD Yang Deficiency, warms lung, unblocks nasal congestion.
  • Xiang Ru – release exterior, clears summerheat, transforms dampness, promotes urination, reduces swelling.
  • Xin Yi Hua – most often used with wind-cold, but always useful for any nasal/sinus conditions within appropriate combinations.
  • Zi Su Ye – releases exterior, wind-cold with fever, calms restless fetus, alleviates morning sickness, may be used alone or in a formula for seafood poisoning.

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