Herbs That Relieve Coughing And Wheezing

TCM Materia Medica

Herbs That Relieve Coughing And Wheezing - Herbal Functional Grouping (11 herbs)

Herbs That Relieve Coughing And Wheezing General Introduction
  • Generally useful for symptoms involving coughing and wheezing.
  • Often combined with other herbs to treat the overall pattern (root).
Herbs That Relieve Coughing And Wheezing Section Summary / Study Notes
  • Xing Ren and Kuan Dong Hua - best for cough due to wind.
  • Bai Du and Zi Wan - chronic cough due to internal injury.
  • Zi Wan and Su Zi - cold-induced cough.
  • Su Zi - cough with a stifling sensation in the chest.
  • Sang Bai Pi - heat-induced cough, cough with edema.
  • Pi Pa Ye - dry cough.
  • Xing Ren - cough with wheezing.
  • Mu Hu Die - cough with hoarseness.
  • Jie Geng and Xing Ren - very commonly used for cough.
    • Jie Geng - opens and disseminates lung qi while transforming phlegm - leads actions of other herbs to the lungs and throat.
    • Xing Ren - descending function, used more specifically for coughing and wheezing.
  • Kuan Dong Hua and Zi Wan are often used together, each complementing.
    • Kuan Dong Hua stops cough, cools and moistens, for dry cough.
    • Zi Wan expels phlegm, acrid and dry, can be used for cold-induced cough.
  • Ting Li Zi - stops cough with copious, thick sputum, reduces food/water accumulation.

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