Herbs That Relieve Food Stagnation

TCM Materia Medica

Herbs That Relieve Food Stagnation - Herbal Functional Grouping (6 herbs)

Herbs That Relieve Food Stagnation General Introduction
  • Food stagnation often arises from emotional disturbances which cause the qi and/or blood to stagnate, improper dietary habits, phlegm, heat, and/or cold disorders.
  • Hot/Cold Types:
    • Hot: Bad breath, distention, preference for cold food/drinks, forceful and slippery pulse.
    • Cold: Nausea, spitting up of clear fluids, distention, preference for hot food, white, greasy tongue coat, weak and thin pulse.
Herbs That Relieve Food Stagnation Section Summary / Study Notes
  • Mai Ya, Gu Ya - food stagnation.
    • Mai Ya - facilitates digestion and has spleen-strengthening actions; cold food stagnation.
    • Gu Ya - less digestive actions, does not injure stomach qi; for hot food stagnation with spleen deficiency.
  • Shan Za - stagnation due to overindulgence in meat.
  • Shen Qu - indulgence in alcohol and starchy food.

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