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Tonify - TCM Formulas Functional Grouping (37 formulas)
Tonify General Introduction

Tonification may be directed towards the qi, blood, yin and/or yang aspects of the body. In mixed cases you must often think of the generating factors in the body to replenish certain substances. This may either be looking at the mutual interplay between qi, blood, yin and yang - so building qi to aid in the production of blood, for example. Or by the generation cycle within five elements - tonifying the the kidneys (water) to aid the liver (wood). The most important aspect to herbs in this section is to not go along with the often heard western adage - more is better. This is simply not true and can be harmful to patients. Proper diagnosis and distinguishing between deficiency and excess and the mutual relationship between those two levels must be properly analyzed.

Tonify has the following subcategories:
The following 37 formulas are categorized within "tonify"

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