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My son is 14 years 165 lbs, good shape, active, plays sports and is social, good academics. Hypothyriodism runs in the family. His thyroid levels are normal, and he is tested every 6 months. But every evening his fatigue kicks in, He has napped amost everyday of his life,and still does. He sleeps f…

Hello, Is there a good alternative to Rehmannia 8 formula? I feel Rehmannia is not a good fit for my condition and looking for something that would go easier on my spleen dampness issues. I see there is also a formula called ERZHI WAN. Is it safe to say that if I was to add Cinnamon and Aconite or …

Hi, I am posting this in hopes to receive some help on what steps to take next in regards to the extreme problems supplementing with D Aspartic Acid has caused me, as it’s currently making my everyday life very difficult. Around 2 and half years ago I took D Aspartic Acid, a supplement that is mark…

How condact together at the same time the treatment of the patient with the deficency of both kidney yin and yang qi ?

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