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My son is 14 years 165 lbs, good shape, active, plays sports and is social, good academics. Hypothyriodism runs in the family. His thyroid levels are normal, and he is tested every 6 months. But every evening his fatigue kicks in, He has napped amost everyday of his life,and still does. He sleeps f…

My daughter is diagnosed with dyslexia in her school. She is struggling a lot in studies. Has mental confusion is indecisive and has lost all her confidence. Can you guide me how can I help her . I cannot see her in this star. She is having a lot of difficulties in school . Specially in writing , m…

how to treat mentally unstable person through acupuncture

Hello everyone, I’m a Dutch (so sorry If I don’t use the correct words/language)student in the first year of acupuncture. So I finished the first year of basics/TCM. Now I have to learn the (deadman)actions to the points. I love it, but can’t find a way to keep reminding all of them. Epecially when…

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