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Much appreciated on any help that can be given on this. A few years ago, I took Long Dan Xie Gan Tang for a few months to get rid of a really strange nerve pain that was described to be caused by heat dampness.  It worked wonders.  This herb got rid of the issue in 2-3 days, for this issue that las…

The western medicine doctors cannot find currently withdrawing from neuroleptic meds. psychological and environmental factors mainly which played a role Supplementing omega 3 fish oil, Gottu Goola and I bacopa monnieri.vit c Symptoms ,insomnia, currently withdrwaing from psymeds irritability( fat…

I have trapped wind in my stomach and intestine which gives pressure in my chest like I cant breathe. I also have anxiety related insominia and panic attacks in the day and night. I also have a pain between my navel and pubic bone which makes me think I need to go to the toilet. It could be bladde…

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