Tam Healing and Tong Ren Therapy for Migraines

Theory and Applications

Tam Healing And Tong Ren Therapy For Migraines

The areas and points listed below are those that may be involved diagnostically (i.e. "blocked") in those experiencing migraines. The Tom Tam / Tong Ren Therapy system is heavily focused on the scalp and huatuojiaji points along the spine.

These areas may be utilized regardless of treatment technique. That is, whether you use acupuncture, massage, qigong and/or tongren - the focus remains directed towards improving circulation in the designated areas.

For acupuncture specifically, treatments within this style would combine these areas with more traditional points based on the overall diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms.

Within an acupuncture session, most often qi gong, acupuncture and tuina would be applied towards the major points in the neck and spine as appropriate.

Treatment Areas of Focus

  • Main Points:
  • C1 - opens top of head, motor cortex area, and frees circulation between the head and neck
  • C2 - opens frontal lobe area, and frees circulation between the head and neck
  • Taiyang - commonly used points for headaches, particularly when there is vascular involvement
  • TH 16 - sky window point, effects circulation in the vertebral and occipital arteries, improve the circulation between the head and the body, balance eye pressure
  • Secondary Points:
  • LV 3 - resolve liver qi stagnation, improve energy circulation
  • LI 4 - clears problems in the face and head and works with LV 3 to open energy circulation overall ("the four gates")
  • GV 20 - opens the circulation in the head, motor cortex
  • GB 20 - clears the head, improves circulation between head and body
  • Ashi Point - wherever people experience pain (i.e. local point)

  • ViewSides of Spine at C1 (EX HUATUOJIAJI AT C1) - C1 innervates the top of the head and is an important juncture between the brain and body.  Affects the parietal lobe, sensory and motor areas of the brain.   If patient has predominately left sided problems, then the right side of C1 wil…
  • ViewSides of Spine at C2 (EX HUATUOJIAJI AT C2) - C2 innervates the forehead and the frontal lobe.  The relationship with the Broca's speech area left side of C2 may be used for speech disorders such as stuttering or post-stroke asphasia. Due to the relationship with the frontal lobe use…
  • ViewGreat Sun (EX TAIYANG) - Temporal, one-sided a/or migraine headaches. Eye issues - pain, swelling, redness, photophobia, visual acuity. Local point for tootache, facial paralysis, pain, etc. Classically mentioned in the Ode of the Jade Dragon for swelling of th…
  • ViewCompletion Bone (GB 12) - Dispel exterior & interior wind from the head - tinnitus, tremors in the head, occipital headache, neck rotation ROM issues. Regulates and calms the spirit - insomnia
  • ViewCelestial Window (TH 16) - Local Point. Tong Ren/Tam Healing System: Used to effect the circulation within the occipital artery and the vertebral artery.  Useful for occipital issues, glaucoma, etc.  Falls into the category of Window of the Sky points within the T…
  • ViewWind Pool (GB 20) - Dispel Exterior or Interior Wind - (exterior) - fever/chills, stiff neck; (internal) - paralysis, twitching, tremors, numbness, dizziness, vertigo. All issues of the head, brain (seizures, memory, mental/neurological disorders), …
  • ViewHundred Convergences (GV 20) - Main point for headache, dizziness, eye pain and redness, irritability, hypertension from excess yang in the upper body, often occuring with patterns of excess Liver yang or Liver fire. Combine with lower body points such as LV 2, LV 3, KD…
  • ViewUnion Valley (LI 4) - Releases the exterior for wind-cold or wind-heat syndromes Strengthens the wei qi, improves immunity Regulates the sweat glands, for excessive sweating tonify LI 4 then disperse KD 7 and vice versa. Any problem on the face - sense organ…
  • ViewGreat Surge (LV 3) - Generally, resolves stagnation and tonifies Yin - balancing for all LV pathologies. LV Qi Stagnation / LV Yang Rising - headaches, dizziness, canker sores. Eye issues - blurred vision, red, swollen, painful eyes. Menstrual issues from D…

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