Dangerous Herbal Mixing

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Dangerous Herbal Mixing

Published on 04-27-2022

"Chris S" is an acupuncture student who lives in Australia and has authored 2 other posts.

I was wondering what a list of herbs that are dangerous or toxic to mix together. 

Would love to know which ones are dangerous and why?

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Herbs: da ji, gan cao, gan sui, hai zao, ren shen, wu ling zhi, yuan hua

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Apr 2022

We don't have a simple list but most of the information is within the herbal section.  Part of the reason a simple list isn't presented is that many of the toxicities can be mitigated or outright eliminated by either preparation methods and/or the inclusion of other herbs in a particular formula.

On our site, herbs with incompatibilities are generally mentioned with the phrasing "incompatible with" or "antagonist with" found under the "precaution" section.  Examples would be:

- Gan Cao - "Incompatible with Gan SuiDa JiYuan HuaHai Zao (although used in some formulas with Hai Zao)"

- Ren Shen - "Antagonist with Wu Ling Zhi, Incompatible with Li Lu."


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comment by "Chris S" (student)
on Apr 2022

Thank you for your answer. Much appreciated.

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