Foot Pain

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Foot Pain

Published on 04-28-2023

"anon8731" is an acupuncturist who lives in Brisbane and has authored 2 other posts.


I am a practioner of TCM & have a family member with which i would appreciate your advive with their situation . Could you please suggest a TCM solution / treatment to aid in relief for the following  person who is a 94 yrs male suffering from foot pain on the right lateral side beneth & in front of the maleolus which causes sharp unpredictable pain. He has had a CT scan which revealed lower back disc damage on the right side but has no back pain or leg pain . Western medicine suggests the foot issue could be Sural nerve entrapment . I have done heat treatment {heat pack} & using acupressure gallbladder acupoints { he aslo has gallstones } in area of the foot  which seemed to help for a few days but then the pain just returned . Your assistance would be appreciated .

Thank you

Rob .


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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Apr 2023

Am I correct in assuming that by "practitioner of TCM" you mean you are an herbalist?  I ask, only to try to figure out what type of advice to offer you.  Are you looking for an acupuncture protocol?, acupressure?  and/or herbs?

If what you did made it go away for a few days and his western doctor(s) seem to think it's a sural nerve issue, I would focus on that and see if you can increase the pain free time until it hopefully resolves.  Some heat with massage from the hamstrings down would be a reasonable initial approach.

If this were a full acupuncture treatment you would focus fairly broadly in most cases - a mix of systemic/broad points related to their diagnosis in TCM terms and local points.  The back could be involved and it wouldn't hurt loosening the back tension down into the legs. 

Acupuncture treatment protocol ideas could be generated from our acupuncture protocols for back pain section and our acupuncture protocols for arthritis (with specific areas referenced).  While not directly related those would be general starting points to then tailor to the individual.

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comment by "anon8731" (acupuncturist)
on Apr 2023

Hi ChadD

Thanks for your response i appeciate your time . I am not a herbalist and due to the patients mainly being elderly  they prefer  acupressure not needling , more of a human touch thing i guess .  Any recommended herbs would be apprecited . 


Rob .


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