Neuropathy after acupuncture?

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Neuropathy after acupuncture?

Published on 05-30-2023

"anon244558" - this is their first post.

Hello, please could you tell me something else about this??? I am in the same situation. Neuropathy symptoms after an acupunture sesion.

Please I need help.Thank you

(originally posted as a comment to - creating a new topic due to the age of the post).

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on May 2023

As discussed in the original post that you commented on, long-lasting complications from acupuncture are rare.  Which isn't to say that they don't happen, just that anything negative happening is infrequent and anything negative that does happen is relatively rare and most often short lived.  Statistically speaking whatever you are experiencing is very likely to self-resolve.

That said, to offer the best response to questions of this nature it helps to know a few things:

1) What were you seeing your acupuncturist for?  ...related - is the neuropathy completely unrelated to what you were seeing help for, or somewhat related (for example, going for back pain and then experiencing foot neuropathy post treatment)

2) What point(s) (or areas) do you feel were related to what might have resulted from the treatment? - and how many treatments have you had from this practitioner.  If you've asked what does your current practitioner think about your response?

3) Is the practitioner a fully trained and licensed acupuncturist, or some other health care provider doing "acupuncture"?

In general, most responses of this nature will go away on their own.  You should of course discuss this with your practitioner, or another one if you uncomfortable with your current practitioner.  If symptoms last more than a couple weeks with no improvement, you should consider a consult with a western physician and possibly obtain an MRI and/or nerve conduction study.



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