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"anon8731" is an acupuncturist from Australia. They joined us in 2021.

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Sometimes Simple Is Better - Randomized Study Finds Acupressure Improves Cognition (4/2023)

Thanks Chd D I work with the elderly & found this information very useful

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Foot Pain (4/2023)

Hello I am a practioner of TCM & have a family member with which i would appreciate your advive with their situation . Could you please suggest a TCM solution / treatment to aid in relief for the following person...

Gallbladder Removal (12/2021)

Hello In regards to TCM , what effect would the removal of the Gallbladder have on ones organ balance for an adult male & would the Liver need more tonification due to this? Also are there herbs to assist in...

Scorpions, Centipedes, and Hornets Nests: Chinese Herbal Medicine History (12/2021)

Hello I found your article on Chinese Herbal Medicine History fun and mentally simulating, well done.

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Foot Pain (4/2023)

Hi ChadD Thanks for your response i appeciate your time . I am not a herbalist and due to the patients mainly being elderly they prefer acupressure not needling , more of a human touch thing i guess . Any...

Gallbladder Removal (4/2018)

Hi Chad Thank you for your response, i will look into this further. Regards Rob Hearne

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