Some disharmonies has been removed

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Some disharmonies has been removed

Published on 07-31-2023

"Kbw123" lives in Pakistan and has authored 2 other posts.

Hi dear community organizer.

Some organ disharmonies has been removed.

Like large intestine disharmonies and gall bladder disharmonies

Please re add this in details like other disharmonies are there.

It was v beneficial before.

LI and GB disharmonies are not available now however these were present before

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Aug 2023

If I'm understanding correctly, I think you are talking about our TCM patterns section.  None of those have changed in quite a while, but it is far from a complete list.  What is listed there are the patterns that are most commonly seen and the ones that have a relatively clear set of approaches.  Some patterns are either not entirely agreed upon, or are complex in the sense that they often layer with other patterns and/or don't have a clear way to approach them and require strong clinical experience.


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