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Published on 09-03-2023

"Annabelle" is a generally interested contributor who lives in Sweden - this is their first post.


I have been to a tcm practitioner in january and was diagnosed with damp-heat. I went to tcm because of my thin uterine lining that is causing me infertility, my practitioner wanted to treat the damp-heat first. I was first prescribed herbs to boil at home and drink. I drank them morning and night 10 days. However, I couldn't keep doing that because of the taste. I felt depressed and anxiety just from having to drink it for 10 days. So she prescribed me the small black pills instead. 

My symtoms: Thick yellowish/white tongue coating, excessive discharge, lack of strenght, cold nose tip, very regular period every 28 days but only bleeding for 1-2 days, no sweating, no thirst, aversion to cold, cold hands and feet, phlegm in the throat after eating certain foods, bloating/gas.

I have changed my diet. I hardly drink alcohol (and haven't since 2018), I try to only drink room temperature or warmer drinks, for breakfast I usually eat oatmeal with blueberries or eggs, I use much less dairy in my cooking, I use much less spices in my cooking, I almost never eat cold/raw food, I donn't eat fish anymore, I eat more rice/potatoes instead of pasta, I eat less fatty foods, less sugar, I only drink green or rooibos tea, no coffee at all. 

I have had 3 rounds of black pills (4 boxes of 200 pills per round) from my practitioner and 2 rounds that I have prescribed myself (same prescriptions) because of my practitioners pricing which is $ 200 per round. The only difference I have noticed in 8 months is less discharge and somewhat less cold hands/feet but it's summer so that could be why.

I think the dampness is kind of chronic for me. I have had excessive discharge since I was a teenager, no thick tongue coating though. And I have had two pregnancies, the last one (2021) was the trigger of my current infertility.

I have understood that the black pills are much less potent than the herbs you boil and drink. Because of that, I wonder if one can take double dose of the pills to increase the effect? If the pills are less potent than the herbs and it's safe to drink the herbs than a higher dose of the pills must be fine, right?

My practitioner wanted me to boil herbs again but I can't take the taste (and smell). Also her price, $ 300 for 10 days of herbs. I don't have the financial means to drink those for several months even if I could handle the taste and smell.

Is it possible to up the dose of the black pills? Because after 8 months of no effect, I start to feel like I'm just throwing away my money especially when my practitioner thinks that I need to drink herbs.

Thank you in advance for your time!

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Sep 2023

My first thought is that, if possible, you should find a different practitioner.  Personally, I find a combination of acupuncture and herbs (if necessary) more effective for most things than just herbs alone and this is certainly true for fertility related issues. 

With regards to dosage, many times more is not better - it's not necessarily harmful to take more, but it is rarely a more = better response equation in my experience.  I remember a patient I had who had come to me for fertility/menstrual issues and had been taking herbs from another practitioner for nearly a year with functionally no change.  I actually dropped one of the formulas and cut her dose in half of the other one - within 2 months her cycles were regulated and then she was pregnant the next month after that.  Maybe that was luck/timing, maybe it was more the acupuncture we were doing, but I've always subscribed to the principle that more is not better.  I generally think the body does best with a very targeted approach with just enough "force" to nudge it in the right direction.

With regards to boiled herbs vs. pills vs. granules vs. capsules - there is likely little difference - this is based somewhat on research and more on my personal experiences over many, many years.  I think the greatest benefit of raw herbs is the tailoring that can happen - you can do this with granules as well to a similar extent.  But I felt that from both cost and patient compliance perspectives that teapills or capsules were always better.  And cost wise, I'm not sure what country you are in or what formula, but most of those boxes of teapills cost practitioners less than $20 - often less than $10.  Now they are likely charging for their diagnostic time, which is acceptable, but the herbs themselves shouldn't be costing you more than $60/month in most cases.

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