Origin of "Ion Pumping Cord" term

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Origin of "Ion Pumping Cord" term

Published on 07-24-2022

"VaughnHealth" is a complemementary medicine provider who lives in United States of America and has authored 2 other posts.

On this website, the material on the Extraordinary Vessels seems to refer to them as "Ion Pumping Cord." Where, when and how did this term become used as a pseudonym for Extraordinary Vessels?

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Jul 2022

I can see how I could make the intro page a bit clearer for those not familiar with Dr. Manaka's work.  The ion pumping cord is not another name for the extraordinary vessels.  It is a specific tool - a literal cord with clips and a diode in the middle so that energy only travels in one direction.  Generally a needle is inserted at a point and another at a distal point - then the cord is connected to the body of the needles, connecting them and creating a circuit that is thought to best affect the functions of the extraordinary vessels.  

From the intro page:  "The Ion Pumping Cords used within these treatments were originally developed to treat burns but were found to be useful in accessing the extraordinary vessels to treat other conditions as well".

So on the "whiplash treatment" page, for example, the treatment involves:

Treatment Points:
Treat bilaterally - uses 4 cords
TH 5 Black Clip to GB 41 Red Clip
UB 62 Black Clip to SI 3 Red Clip

The needles are inserted at the designated points then the ion pumping cord is attached to the body of the needles with the red (+) clip at the body of the needle at GB 41, for example, then the black (-) clip at the TH 5 point.

A worthy read for his work, including this technigue, is "Chasing the Dragon's Tail".


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