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"VaughnHealth" is a complementary medicine provider from United States of America. They joined us in 2022.

3 Most Recent Public Forum Posts by "VaughnHealth"

What is the TCM profile for Keratosis Pilaris? (4/2023)

...content removed by moderator...

What is 2nd # for UB points? (1/2023)

My school and textbook didn't explain why there's another # in parentheses on the Bladder Meridian points, such as: B 47 (42) B 51 (46) B 53 (48) etc. What's that about?

Origin of "Ion Pumping Cord" term (7/2022)

On this website, the material on the Extraordinary Vessels seems to refer to them as "Ion Pumping Cord." Where, when and how did this term become used as a pseudonym for Extraordinary Vessels?

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