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Published on 07-25-2022

"anon79791" - this is their first post.

Hello.  I stumbled upon your post on parkinsons chinese medicine yin yang house page.  I was diagnosed 4 years ago when i was 45. Just reaching you out to find out about any alternate chinese medicine treatments for bradykinesia you might have tried . Its pretty depressing to have this  condition with no clear path to cure. Please suggest some meds 


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I answered a similar question before which you can read here - my comment there gets into some details and generalized possibilities.  Long story short, there is much that can be done within Chinese Medicine for you, but you need to see a practitioner in your local area and expect to work with them on some level of frequency for months to years.  Every step of the treatment has to be tailored to you generally and then followed along as your condition improves/changes.  

Posted: 07-25-2022

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