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Lung puncture fear
Created 04-19-2024 by "Jenchance44"
I went for an acupuncture treatment yesterday and the acupuncturist forgot to take out a needle in my neck (I believe CV22). Since I felt something in my neck still, I instinctively reached up and touched it, possibly moving it/hitting it when I felt the needle was still in. She then removed it, but now I'm scared that I could have pushed it in deeper when I touched it. Is it possible I could have...
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Using tmc together
Created 09-14-2023 by "anon208255"
I am taking Wu Zi Yan Zong WAN currently and seems to be working. Can I take Bu Zhong YI Qi Wan together ? Is there any precautions to be taken?
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Liver qi stagnation
Created 08-16-2023 by "Kbw123"
Hi dear admin. Your team is working so well on this forum. Can you please elaborate, what is main point to get rid of liver qi stagnation. Liv3 is not working well for that. So what else can be used for that considering it master point for liv qi stagnation
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Panic Disorder
Created 02-26-2024 by "WillRex"
Hello everyone. This is my first post and I’m looking for help! I am working with my daughter to find help for my 16-year-old granddaughter who has an extreme case of panic disorder. She also has agoraphobia so is virtually homebound. This started during the pandemic (over two years ago) and has steadily gotten worse. She won’t take medication because of the side effects. I’ve read some very encouraging things about using acupuncture and acupressure...
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lower bak pain
Created 01-02-2024 by "D.A."

Happy new year to all. which protocol (points preferable) is more appropriate for lower back pain left side for a man who is working as a swimminf trainer so all day is stand up and in a wet place? Thank you .
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Jaw pain after first acupuncture session
Created 04-14-2024 by "Jleigh812"
I went for my first acupuncture treatment two weeks ago for ear issues/tinnitus. I received electro acupuncture which was painful for me. The acupuncture points used were in/below my ears. Since the session, my ear issues have improved significantly, however since the treatment I have had a clicking/painful jaw and some swollen lymph nodes in my neck/sore throat. Is this a normal response? Could it be that the treatment was too much for my first...
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Ashi points
Created 01-13-2024 by "AEvelyn"
Some time ago, maybe around 2018 I looked up and I thought I saved the date and book where Ashi points were first discussed but I can't seem to find it. I attempted googling the info again but this time without success. Does anyone know when ashi points first appeared in Chinese texts?
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Long Dan Xie Gan Tang question
Created 10-13-2023 by "CalZone"
Much appreciated on any help that can be given on this. A few years ago, I took Long Dan Xie Gan Tang for a few months to get rid of a really strange nerve pain that was described to be caused by heat dampness. It worked wonders. This herb got rid of the issue in 2-3 days, for this issue that lasted over a year. One of the things that also happened with it was...
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front neck voice muscle <-> rhomboid scapula? (ST 9 <-> UB 45ish)
Created 02-15-2024 by "Boingster"
Hey folks. This morning's qi gong had a long-awaited, seems to me, movement between what I think is ST 9 and UB 45, round thereabouts. I was experiencing a familiar strong 'yin' around ST 9, sat with it (stood, really), and after a while felt a 'yang' of what felt, for about 3/4 of a second, like heat moving out of UB 45, plus or minus 1, a well-known tense muscle attaching to the scapula....
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Eucommia bark
Created 04-20-2024 by "Bea"
Hi! I've recently started taking 1/2 table spoon of eucommia bark. I bought a small jar to improve/prevent any joint and muscle damage because of aging, sports/lack of movement, etc. I'm a woman in my late 30s. I have looked for information about eucommia bark online and I haven't found any negative comments. It also supports the liver. I wonder if taking it for several weeks/months is recommended or if it may be damaging in...
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Some disharmonies has been removed
Created 07-31-2023 by "Kbw123"
Hi dear community organizer. Some organ disharmonies has been removed. Like large intestine disharmonies and gall bladder disharmonies Please re add this in details like other disharmonies are there. It was v beneficial before. LI and GB disharmonies are not available now however these were present before
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Japanese blend for hallucinations in Lewy Bodies Dementia
Created 06-02-2024 by "Student"
I have successfully been using Yokukansankachimpi (7grams daily-4 tablets 3x daily) to treat the hallucinations associated with Lewy Bodies Dementia since the beginning of February. The blend was effective within 2 days first lessening the horror off the hallucinations, then disappearing then or making them benign. After 3 months, the hallucinations are back. Not in their fury, but enough to interrupt REM sleep. i stopped then for 2 weeks and the horrorific hallucinations returned. i...
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Acupuncture or TCM Herbal treatment for bronchiectasis..?
Created 08-05-2023 by "anon240139"
I have been suffering from Bronchiectasis disease for the past 20 years, Phlegm throughout the whole day, and hemoptysis every month or two months one time Coming. I am requesting you to Acupunture of this Lung disease or Traditional Chinese medicine. Thank you
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No sugar Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa
Created 08-29-2023 by "anon176466"
Anyone know if there's any information on whether the herbs in this product will raise estrogen or prolactin. I have both high estrogen and high prolactin and would like to avoid it if it has these actions on the body. Thank you!
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Pain in T6.
Created 09-01-2023 by "anon217196"
My son has pain in T6 that's the alarm point. I studied that it's the alarm point. He has pain and weakness in legs, sometimes involuntary shaking in legs. Also has stomach pain after eating. Also finds hard to control bladder and is scared and has fear of going alone anywhere in the house i day time also. how to do I treat him.
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