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What to do when tonics don't work

published: 09-05-2016 (37) comments

I have chronic fatigue of deficent type, with yin fire flaring when I do t…

My experience as an Acupuncturist on a Cruise Ships

published: 12-02-2007 (31) comments

Don't be fooled by the lure of fun and excitement of working and living on…

Mystery condition with insomnia: various excess/deficiencies and herbs not helping. Why?

published: 08-11-2017 (29) comments

Hello, I’m 40 yrs old male in search of some desperate help with condition…

Peripheral Neuropathy

published: 02-09-2010 (26) comments

Hi, I have today treated a gentleman, who was diagnosed with peripheral ne…

Emotional energy transference

published: 09-27-2008 (26) comments

Sometimes when I am giving an acupressure treatment, I feel the person's e…

Fatigue and imbalance

published: 11-04-2019 (24) comments

I feel exhausted fatigue from environmental stress and study commitments.…

Death by Acupuncture

published: 08-05-2010 (23) comments

In 2004 I was hit in the solar plexus numerous times with a sharp objec…


published: 07-20-2016 (23) comments

Hi i know you posted a long time ago but did all your symtoms completely c…

Looking for acupuncture points for elbow bursitis

published: 09-06-2011 (20) comments

Hi this is my first post so I welcome any replies or advice. I'm an acupun…

Bipolar + Herbal Pattern Differentiation

published: 12-12-2010 (19) comments

Hello - this is my first post to yinyanghouse. I was wondering if someon…


published: 07-22-2016 (18) comments

Are you still getting acupuncture treatmrnt?

Acupuncture to quit smoking?

published: 06-26-2008 (18) comments

For quite smoking should I use electro acupuncture every time? What poin…

Furry cracked tongue

published: 02-18-2015 (18) comments

Hey guys, so I have this issue that I am struggling for years now. I went …

Energy self-protection when practicing massage/bodywork

published: 04-28-2010 (17) comments

Hi :) I am a massge therapy student and have been studying for few month…

Scoliosis acupuncture treatment

published: 01-22-2009 (16) comments

Hi, I tried to find more about the phenomenon of cifoscoliosis, and if the…

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