About Spleen 4 for cold feet and Yang

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About Spleen 4 for cold feet and Yang

Published on 03-18-2020

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Chad Is Spleen 4 for Spleen Yang? Also is it suitable for cold feet as
feet get cold

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Not generally, on the page for SP 4 you will see it says “excess pathologies of the ST and Intestines - severe abdominal a/or epigastric pain, dysentery, food poisoning…” - so it is generally more moving and clearing. SP 3 is generally more tonifying for qi and yang - there it says “sp qi and yang deficiency, especially those with excess pathologies - abdominal a/or epigastric pain, digestive issues, heart pain… muscle atrophy in the lower legs, heaviness in the body…”

For any symptom, it is more important to look more broadly at the person and figure out the root not the seemingly simple deduction that cold = yang deficiency. For many with cold feet the problem is more likely from liver qi stagnation, certainly kd and/or sp yang deficiency is possible, but seemingly counterintuitive diagnoses such as kd yin deficiency are also possible (essentially the cold feet is from frequent fight or flight tendencies). So you look more broadly and then prepare a plan from what you consider as the root - this is based on experience, tongue, pulse, other symptoms, medical history, etc.

Posted: 03-18-2020

thankyou Pulse feels weak in Kidney Yang position. also what is point for Stomach Yin? When doing Acupressure what is shortest amount of time to do for it to be effective would you know. How many x a day also

Posted: 03-19-2020

Our acupressure basics page covers some of the treatment details - in short, how long or how often would entirely depend on each patient, what you are treating, and what type of response you get (i.e. how accurate your point protocol is with regards to getting results).

Generally speaking, except for relatively mild issues acupressure is not in the same boat clinical results wise as fully performed acupuncture treatments, so certain issues will simply only be managed symptomatically at best with just acupressure.

Pointwise for st/sp yin you would focus on the organ systems themselves and then the kidney as the root of yin. Generally this would be points such as [https://yyh.li/sp6](SP 6), [https://yyh.li/cv12](CV 12), [https://yyh.li/ub21](UB 21), [https://yyh.li/kd3](KD 3), etc.

Posted: 03-19-2020

Have chronic Warts is this a Liver problem what is correct way to get rid of
Are there Acupuncture Points

Posted: 03-22-2020

Have Warts is this a Spleen problem or Liver etc What are best points to use

Posted: 03-24-2020

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