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Published on 11-13-2008

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Dear Colleagues. Help on the issue.

Following the admission patients feel very strongly that tired.

As can be restored force?


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Acupoints: cv 4, cv 6, ex yintang, gv 20

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    comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
    on Nov 2008

    I'm not sure I understand your question entirely and I am unclear if you posted this in the energy work section on purpose or by accident. Either way, I would recommend you read and understand the following patterns:

    Spleen Qi Deficiency

    Spleen Yang Deficiency

    Kidney Qi Deficiency

    Kidney Yang Deficiency

    Kidney Jing Deficiency

    From a medical qi gong/energy healing perspective, patients with low energy usually need energy focused on the upper part of the body, GV 20, Yin Tang, then in the lower abdomen area, CV 6, CV 4.

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    comment by "archived-user"
    on Nov 2009

    Normaly, fatigue is lost too much energy ( Qi) from your body, to hold your energy don't let it go is close 4 gates, and warm up 4 gates by red lamps( each time treatment 20 minutes and you need lay down to have a rest, breath fresh air). close 4 gates is hold your thumb into your other 4 fingers and close you five toes, this movement you can do anysparetime each time about 5-10minutes, warm up 4 gates you need lay down have a rest and 4 lamps light cover your hands and feet 20 minutes.

    Thank you


    Feng Mei

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    comment by "anon71867"
    on Sep 2010

    An often unrecognized source of fatigue is suppressed emotion. When circumstances stir up emotions but instead of recognizing them and allowing that energy to be transformed (by simply giving the emotions our undivided attention for a moment or two) a great deal of the body&#39s resources are devoted to holding those emotions at bay.

    A variation of mindfulness meditation involves simply focusing within, somewhere between the neck and the perineum, and noticing what comes up - it may be a sensation of heaviness, grief, apathy, or just a sense of energy moving. If this activity stimulates thinking, redirect attention to the belly. Rubbing the hands on the abdomen can help draw the attention inward and downward. Also exhaling the sound "heeee" which calms triple warmer can turn off the thinking process momentarily.

    Releasing the suppressed emotional energy, which Abraham-Hicks refers to as our guidance system letting us know we are out of alignment with our inner being, can restore vital energy and help combat fatigue.

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    comment by "Walter_Cloud108"
    on Sep 2011

    Studying recently under GrandMaster David Harris

    An expert marshal artiest and even more talented

    Metaphysician. See YouTupe.

    I have been challenged to understand some new/

    different terminology’s such as the flattening of pain’s impulses,

    and then recovery the soul/the spirit’s energetic/integrity.

    And that sounds like the point in your process that you are attempting

    to bridge?

    For example’ as-in the process of applying shiatsu acupressure

    one must mindfully remember to sooth-over the point of contact

    which has just been treated’ pressed & squeezed to the threshold of pain.

    Summarily having completed any kind of dominating contact or energy work.

    We too must also use a preferred technique to revive and revitalize the body

    at-large, afterwards.

    “Extensive aggressive body work is akin to the military going through a town

    and land-blasting the infrastructure and just moving on’’ according to Him!

    (GM Harris.”) So we must revitalise them befor we are truly through."

    I prefer Qi-gong because of it’s ability to quickly revitalize both practitioner

    and clients through balancing oric energies in harmony w/the natural actions

    like those of the creation it’s self, i.e. simplistic expansion and contraction, coiling and uncoiling, gently un-raveling the tensions and the hardness with in the heart by gently smiling down into the internal being. Softening the gaze and quieting the mind. Any way-

    Whether you apply gentle tapping or vibrant Mantras the objective is the same’ to attentively reestablish the integrity and the balance of the 5ft. or so energetic area surrounding their body. Rebuilding if you will’ the spirit like orah of the body.


    It is said’ that earth energy is of a rising nature, and (sky’s chi) is all-pervasive and readily available’ but to harsh for direct infusion onto the mind & body so’ earth should be used as the medium of sufficient strength to safice as sky-chi filter. From-sky to-earth to- practitioner’s body/& hands to-client… Ok

    Please see: (Bioenergyhealing.org.uk) &




    In my opinion qi-gong’s interrogation of rhythmic breathing w/conches movement should also be employed! Because it is so quickly transformational and in harmony with nature’s celestial and terestuel forces of the universe that work upon us. vladrof as alwaysGood luck

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    comment by "Walter_Cloud108"
    on Feb 2012

    In my experience’ I have never found anything to compare to breathing to counteract fatigue

    Hence I frequent sits that teach Yogic Breathing and Kuntaliny style kreias/purifying practices. For the most part I have heard other practitioners say. “If you never forget to perform ritualistic practice of stretching breathing and energy washing of the body after each & every-session. If you would like my list of fav. breathing styles and Kreias I will provide it! Good luck aways. Judith.

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