Enuresis ( Child )

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Enuresis ( Child )

Published on 05-14-2008

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What are the best points to treatment ENURESIS ?

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Acupoints: cv 2, cv 6, gv 4, gv 20, ht 7, kd 3, kd 7, sp 3, sp 6, st 36, ub 23, ub 32

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    Enuresis, or what is commonly known as "bed-wetting", can be treated with acupuncture and a number of studies have shown it to be quite effective. As with most of Chinese Medicine, there is no way to specify "best points", without a TCM diagnosis to work off of. Chinese Medicine is not a point to condition treatment, so you must first look at the broad range of signs and symptoms (tongue, pulse, urine color, urine frequency, other developmental issues, etc.) in your patient and get into a general diagnosis before you can choose points.

    In a large number of cases, children who wet the bed have some kind of Kidney system issue - usually a deficiency of Yang and/or Jing, but not necessarily. My presentation on Kidney Disharmonies and Related Treatment Points, will give you some ideas of things to look for and related points.

    Some general points to pull from are listed below (you wouldn't use all of these):

    UB 23, UB 32, GV 4, GV 20, HT 7, KD 3, KD 7, SP 3, SP 6, ST 36, CV 2, CV 6

    In the system that I utilize, I would use an appropriate selection of points based on my overall TCM diagnosis and include the following:

    huatuo of L2 (kidneys), S1 (ureter), S2 (Bladder), and others depending on the patient.

    Posted: 05-15-2008

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