FLAT WARTS- treatment strategies

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FLAT WARTS- treatment strategies

Published on 04-09-2017

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Does anyone have a successful treatment for flat warts?

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Of course, but you don’t “treat warts” in Chinese Medicine you treat the root (see "What Does Acupuncture Treat? for more on treating the cause and not the symptoms).

Common patterns can be weak wei qi, liver damp heat, liver wind, kidney yin deficiency, etc. Your treatment will be tailored to your TCM diagnosis. Other techniques such as bloodletting, moxabustion, etc. may be used as well depending on the diagnosis.

Posted: 04-09-2017

I’ve had several people tell me that using apple cider vinegar has removed warts. Put a little on some gauze and tape it over the warts while you sleep. If it works it usually takes a month or two.

Posted: 04-11-2017

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