Treatment of sudden death- grief plus shock

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Treatment of sudden death- grief plus shock

Published on 10-20-2019

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What are good points for grief and shock from dealing with a sudden death in the family

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Acupoints: cv 17, ht 7, ht 8, kd 1, li 4, lu 3, lu 9, lv 3, pc 8

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Are you asking as a practitioner of acupuncture? or for self-treatment with something like acupressure?

Posted: 10-20-2019

I am a practitioner- sudden shock hearing about death of a grandson

Posted: 10-21-2019

I’m sorry to hear of your loss!

It would ultimately depend a bit on how the grief is manifesting and on your underlying patterns, but generally I do something along the lines of LU 3, HT 8 (although PC 8 works as well), KD 1 and LV 3. Other potential combinations would be CV 17, LI 4 w/ LV 3 (the “four gates”), LU 9, and HT 7. While I don’t practice classical five element acupuncture, my section in “spirit points” may also be useful.

For very strong reactions bloodletting the heart, pc and/or lung jing well points can also be useful.

Posted: 10-21-2019

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