Gastroparesis/diabetes/fibromyalgia oh my

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Gastroparesis/diabetes/fibromyalgia oh my

Published on 06-29-2017

"anon87117" - this is their first post.

Hi there. I’m struggling. I have type 1 diabetes, gastroparesis and fibromyalgia. Would love to know if anyone has had acupuncture? I’m nervous about exacerbating symptoms and what areas of the body should be avoided or specifically targeted.

Would love any suggestions!!!



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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Jun 2017

I will struggle a bit to write this and not have it come out a little harshly, so I apologize in advance if it does. So that range of conditions (related in many ways) that you are experiencing is incredibly common in the offices of acupuncturists around the world. This is partially because the western treatment options are limited at best so patients will often end up with Chinese Medicine as you are are considering after being less satisfied with the results that they have experienced through more standard means.

There are many studies in support of acupuncture with all of those conditions that you can look up, a few that I have written about on our site may be of interest:

  1. To get a better idea of how Chinese Medicine approaches things generally, read “What Does Acupuncture Treat?” and then somewhat more specific to you in general terms read “Understanding and Treating Fibromyalgia From An Acupuncture Perspective

  2. Research wise (just a random selection from our site):

And on and on… Now the part that I don’t want to sound harsh, but I’ll say it as I feel it may ultimately benefit your approach to your own healing. Please don’t go into acupuncture being worried about it causing harm to you or even worse trying to dictate to your practitioner with almost no understanding of acupuncture what areas they should treat or avoid because of what someone said on the internet.

Chinese Medicine practitioners have extensive training in this very deep and very established system of medicine. Not blindly, of course, but you should trust your practitioner, trust the process of actual healing, and learn more about the things that you do with your diet, lifestyle and other mental habits to truly foster your own healing with their help.

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comment by "anon87117"
on Jun 2017

I appreciate your response. I also appreciate and respect your comments. I have grown up using and appreciating western medicine, I am now just stepping my toes into the world of eastern Medicine. I have been researching the benefits of acupuncture and have had some wonderful past experience with it about 20 years ago. I had forgotten it’s success.

I in know way meant any disrespect. It is more my issue with finding someone that has been truly educated and who has some experience.

I have not been able to get one recommendation from my own circle for an acupuncturist in my area. I’ve asked all my docs for recommendations.

That is why I asked my questions in that manner. I apologize if it offended you or the general public.

The one contact I’m interested in (based on her own website) seems to have extensive experience. Her reviews are very good or very bad. How am I to trust without a connection.

Thank you again for your response.

I just figured the more I reach out, the more I may learn on how to manage my health issues.



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comment by "anon200636"
on Aug 2017

I am so grateful for this exchange. After so much frustration with Doctors, dietitians, etc… I was ready to start my own blog. I suffer from Type 1 Diabetes, Gastroparesis, Fibromyalgia and more. All I want is to get out of bed and be able to function. If acupuncture (which was just suggested by my endocrinologist) is what I need, I am all for it. Before now, I’ve been told to puree spaghetti and meatballs, etc… Yes, that has contributed to depression and hopelessness to the list!

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