Test Question: what acupuncture points are contraindicated for cupping and why?

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Test Question: what acupuncture points are contraindicated for cupping and why?

Published on 02-18-2013

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Hi all... This question was posed to me on a recent oral exam. I am not looking for general contraindications such as think skin, bony areas, skin conditions, or anything like that. The answer actually had about 2 or 4 points that were specifically indicated for NOT cupping. When I heard the answer it made sense although somehow I missed it in my readings. Can anyone respond and enlighten me? The most important part is to justify and explain WHY those 2 to 4 points should not be cupped.

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Acupoints: gv 1, gv 4, gv 17, li 18, ub 9

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It is difficult to have a discussion about which points are contraindicated when you do not list them. I can think of many that should never be cupped - LI 18 would be an example. But these are more based on common sense, similar to the other needling precautions, than anything specific to their function per se.

If you list them out, I&#39m sure we could discuss them.

Posted: 02-18-2013

Hi - my recollection was the GV 4 should NEVER be cupped and I think GV17 might have been another area -I can&#39t remember but I will ask again. The rationale was that, you would never want to pull energy OUT of the Governing Vessel system or sedate it.

Posted: 02-19-2013

In some classical texts GV 4 was actually contraindicated for both needling and moxibustion, so I wouldn&#39t be surprised to see that cupping would be contraindicated as well. I think the general idea with GV 4 is the points strong yang tonifying properties (you wouldn&#39t want to release yang in general - with yang being our deeper energy/force/qi/jing, not excess heat or fire). It is also one of the three energy gates in qigong/martial arts theory - along with those in the vicinity of GV 1 and UB 9 so releasing energy there could in theory systematically release qi to unexpected degrees. GV 17 was one of the first points I thought of when you posed the question for much the same reason as it is a strong energy gate controlling communication between the head and the body. It is worth noting that, GV 17 in some classical texts was another point that was contraindicated for both needling and moxibustion - so again cupping would follow there.

Unfortunately, I&#39m unaware of any classical quotations that clearly support these contraindications, but I&#39m far from a classical scholar so perhaps others who are more gifted with such education will chime in.

Posted: 02-19-2013

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